Tom Aage Lie

Are you on right track? Together we can identify your direction.
More than 50 years of serious challenges in life enable me to identify and listen to your challenges.

Your day is better when interests, dreams, and quality of life becomes clear after identifying all strengths and weaknesses.
"Walk your talk" is one of my values that may help you balance your life to become more than good enough.
"You are more than good enough" is one of my favorite "mantras" that may balance your attitude to which values are important to you.
To become succesful is not necessary an important goal alone. To be happy with what you are doing added with an enthusiastic mind may help you reach your goals and give you values in many aspects.

Contact me and we can get an overview of what your needs and worries are.
The first 30 minutes on Skype are no charge and we discuss which process is good for you. It can also be described in a personal mail to; if that is preferable rather than on phone; +47 951 13 906 or through Skype; tomaage57.

Our conversations and meetings can be arranged where you feel comfortable.
Our conversations are confidential and with your personal protection.
References will being sent upon request.

Private consultations are now in progress and results are promising for my candidates.
The work-shop "establishing your own business" has been developed and with promising feedback so far.