There is only one way to accomplish this. And, the secret is - Decrease your food consumption - Eat less food than normal, and only up to your approximately 80% feeling of being stuff. This is a Japanese philosophy, called ”Hara Hatchibo” – And the only way for you to stay around long enough to eat some food every day, for a very, very long period - you'll increase your life doing this.


Turn your focus on following;

  1. Think about when you usually stop eating, focus on the feeling in your stomach and other feelings in your body which tell you that you normally stop eating

  2. Define that this level is your 100% full level, and when you reach this you are absolute full

  3. Decide from this moment that you shall STOP eating when you reach the feeling of being 80% full

  4. To do this, focus on repeating the words, ( 80% full), see in front of your eyes that the amount of food you going to eat is resized to 80 % of your normal level, and decide, by telling your self that this is enough for you.

When this is done, from that moment you are going to decrease your weight and live stronger and longer.

Combined with following strategy, Calorie Restriction (CR) you'll increase your life length and quality as well - read more at